Expat Connection

  • Trust

    Having already been established in Beijing for long time, we know all too well the challenges that expats face. For this we work on an individual basis to meet their expectations.
  • Quality

    The Expat Connection aims for excellence in its quality of service and share a boutique approach to customer service.
  • Satisfaction

    Our members propose creative, cost-efficient and customised solutions, their greatest reward is your satisfaction. Therefore we place customer satisfaction as our top priority.

The People

Marianne Daquet
Jean-François Pouliquen
Yann Boquillot
Charlie Thomson
Henry Sung
Hugues Martin
Stevie Erard
Alona Vostrikova
Gaël Thoreau
Fabrice Beluze
Simone Zhao
Vanessa Vandevraye
Philippe Bouvet
Bruno Ntep
Fritzel Labinghisa
Qingqing Wang
Bei Chen
Catherine Colin
Zhu Fangfei
Maika Endo
Zhaoran Meng
Paloma Sanchez
Amélie Péraud & Pierre-Yves Babin
Harriet Liu
Jean-Baptiste Audran

The Services

The Partners