Expat Connection

Welcome to Expat Connection, a gateway group through which expats can access quality-of-life products and services in Beijing.
  • Trust

    Having been established in 2013, Expat Connection knows very well the challenges expats in Beijing face. For this reason, our people work with expats directly on an individual basis to meet their expectations.
  • Quality

    Expat Connection’s people aim for excellence in their quality of service and offer a boutique approach to customer service.
  • Satisfaction

    Expat Connection’s people offer creative, cost-efficient and customized solutions to the needs of their clients, with their greatest reward being client satisfaction. Therefore, we place customer satisfaction as our top priority.

The People

Layla Zhang
Mark G. Matlaszek
Inko di Ö Tribal bellydance artist
Kevin Hua Coach & Founder
Brendan Bao
Annika & Ahmad Zabeti
Bonita Wang
Thomas Courbière
Michelle Hemsin
Jeanne Sun Founder & Artistic director
Ding Jincheng
Charlie Wang
Gang Wei
Nicolas Fusier
Dave Hannsen
Theresa Rae
Nano Dimulkovski
Sun Huijie
Andrew James & Nicola Doering
Frank Hammes
David Wang
Jazzy Huang Founder&Director
Mary Peng
Michael Wester & Toni Ma
Cathy Cao
Emily Lu
Jean-François Pouliquen
Henry B. Sung
Walter Franco / Michelangela Collinassi
Alona Vostrikova
Gaël Thoreau
Simone Zhao
Philippe Bouvet
Qingqing Wang
Bei Chen
Catherine Colin
Zhu Fangfei
Canna Zhang /General Manager
Paloma Sanchez
Jean-Baptiste Audran

The Services

The Sponsors