CCartwalk is a social platform that informs and offers the expatriate community opportunities to participate in, and share their knowledge of music, art, and crafts in China.


CCartwalk provides general information and updates on scheduled music events, art, and cultural exhibitions at galleries and museums, street art, art communities and creative workshops featuring iconic Chinese handcrafts.


We specialize in engaging the CCartwalk community in three ways:

  1. Appreciating music and instruments.
  2. Participating in hands-on workshops conducted by local experts.
  3. Visiting galleries and studios on guided art walks.


Our community gathers like-minded people through sharing knowledge about and enjoying unique, interesting and cool music, art, and other forms of creative expression, across the cultural landscape. Furthermore, CCartwalk collaborates with well-known contemporary musicians and artists, organizations, galleries, theaters, and dance companies, and promotes these to the expatriate community.


CCartwalk builds cross-cultural bridges by immersing expats in a fascinating and unforgettable Chinese cultural experience.