Beijing Gengxiang Tea

Beijing Gengxiang Tea Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It mainly produces and manages more fragrant organic tea, pollution-free tea, tea packaging, tea sets and so on. Among them, healthy and natural more fragrant organic tea is the company’s leading product.

The company has three tea production bases in Zhejiang, Guangxi and Fujian, more than 60,000 mu of tea plantations and more than 90 direct-operated stores, with annual sales of 1.8 million jin of tea. Its products are exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan and the European Union. In 1997, under the technical guidance of Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the company introduced pure natural and pollution-free organic green tea in Beijing market earlier, and passed the certification of China Agricultural Quality Certification Center and International Swiss IMO Organic Food Certification Agency.

The Sanyuanqiao store of more fragrant tea was founded on January 7, 2003. It has a history of 17 years. It has been established by my parents and myself. It has been operated up to now. The tea sold includes black tea, green tea, Oolong Puer white tea, black tea and other kinds, more than 100 kinds of grade tea. Our shop operates a variety of exquisite tea sets, including various exquisite teacups and teapots, such as porcelain glass purple sand.

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