HomePlate BBQ

American BBQ has it’s roots in the American South. The styles and flavors of American BBQ vary from region to region stretching from the Carolinas in the east to the great state of Texas in the west and from Kansas City in the north down to the state line where Georgia and Florida meet in the south. Here at Home Plate we bring our favorites of this vast area of BBQ together to give you the experience as only we can. Take a trip with us through our menu and sit back, relax and enjoy because down here in the South time moves slower, the stories are a little funnier, our drink’s a bit sweeter and our barbecued meats have no peer.

关于本垒美式烤肉: 美式烤肉起源于美国南部。美式烤肉的风格和味道在美国按照不同区域分为德克萨斯州 西部到东卡罗来纳州风味,堪萨斯北部到格鲁吉亚风味,还有佛罗里达州至南部边境线 风味。本垒会在这里给各位带来我们最喜爱的这些区域的纯正美式烤肉体验,也在这里 让大家能真正尝到纯美式传统家乡菜的味道。现在就让我们喝着本垒的传统调酒坐在这 菜单的列车上慢慢的去放松和享受美国南部的时光吧!(本垒的酒水也一样传承了美国 本土的风情,味道醇厚的波本酒,甘甜的鲜酿啤酒和传统工艺的调酒!欢迎大家品尝!)