IDC Dental

IDC Dental is a multi-specialty dental clinic and prides itself on its ability to provide personalized care to each of its patients. To date, the clinic’s patient base has grown to be over 8,500 satisfied members from the local, expatriate and diplomatic communities. Regardless of background, all patients are treated with equal respect and care.


We aim to deliver quality dental care at competitive pricing. Our vision is to create a dental center with a reputation for excellence, professionalism and service quality equal to the best in the world.


As a multi-specialty clinic, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide these specialized dental care services:

1) Dental Cosmetic Makeovers

2) Modern Western Orthodontics

3) One-Visit Root Canal Treatment

4) Dental Implants

5) Specialized Oral Surgeries

We also provide a broad spectrum of restorative and preventive care for adults and children to create healthy winning smiles.

Our director is one of the most recognized American dentists in Beijing. We have an excellent team of doctors and specialists who are trained in the USA, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia and China.  We work with international experts to bring world-class dentistry to our patients.