Law-China; Schroeder, Xiang & Partner is an independent provider of legal counselling services.

The managing partner has more than fifteen years of experience in consulting European and foreign clients in China.

We enable enterprises and individuals with an immediate access to direct and high-quality legal counselling and legal representation in China while adhering to the high level standards of the German legal Bar.

Our services comprise:

  • Litigating, legal counselling, contract design, review, negotiation, enforcement of contracts, prenuptial agreements, divorces, custody disputes, inheritance disputes, …
  • Rregistration, de-registration, changes of companies, insolvency proceedings, etc.
  • Merger & acquisition, including legal due diligence
  • Labour law.
  • Registering trademarks, enforcing intellectual property rights

Law-China is committed to client satisfaction. Quality, pace and price are playing important factors, albeit with a varying degree of importance to our clients.

Cost control, transparency of cost as well as predictability of budget are further significant factors when opting for a service provider. On the basis of individual talks with our clients we may accommodate the client’s respective ideas and wants. We shall be glad to discuss them with you in person.