AQblue masks

AQblue was founded in 2015 by American Entrepreneurs Thomas Druk and Jeff Bauer. Finding that many masks available were unreliable, uncomfortable, and untrustworthy, they designed a better mask for both children and adults.

Our AQblue masks are KN95 certified and block over 95% of particulate matter 0.3 microns (8x smaller than PM2.5). This sized particle simulates the worst case scenario for filtration efficiency.

Our design began with the idea of creating a modern pollution mask that combines the effectiveness and reliability of traditional industrial masks. And of course, with an added emphasis on comfort and color choices for everyday consumers.

Apart from masks, we participate in and promote a variety of projects related to air pollution and green initiatives, such as air pollution awareness educations campaigns, mask donation programs, and an ongoing used mask recycling project in Vietnam. Great masks, made by a responsible company, with an American level of quality assurance is what makes AQblue truly special.