Bei Garden

BEI: a beautiful cross-cultural encounter between Chinese civilization and Parisian fashion!

An original high-end fashion design at the crossroad of civilizations.

Inspired by Parisian fashion and Chinese culture, the fashion designer Bei has chosen Paris and Beijing to present her original line of clothes and accessories.

Playing with movement and texture, the clean-cut lines of BEI design reveal grace and feminine elegance. As the fruit of a multicultural inspiration, this unique design resulted in exquisite creations, which can be worn every day or on special occasions, for women in love with fashion and beauty!

The male clothing collection is prepared for men who want to assert their individuality.


Your creator Bei and her team are ready to advise you and help you choose a new “look”, improve your existing style, figure out how to enhance and highlight your specific qualities. BEI style will reveal your own personality through your everyday wardrobe and for more special occasions! Make an appointment with BEI style showroom!