Ding’s Ballet

Directed and founded by Mr. DING Jincheng , a seasoned Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) UK certified teacher and former dancer of National Ballet of China, our studio has been established for more than two decades as one of the very few RAD Approved Exam Center first founded in Beijing.

Our goal is to promote ballet and dance, develop students dancing techniques, posture, etiquette, coordination, facial and body expression, artistry and musicality within the domain of dance and fitness training.We provide classes to students from 5 years old to adults with different levels and learning purposes, our classes focus on ballet related dance genres: classical, character dance, free move or modern ballet etc.
We have unique teaching philosophy and pedagogy: we believe dancing should be much more than stretching legs or achieving technical virtuosity:  we embrace the idea that dancing is a natural way of self expression through body movement with elegant ballet technique and help students relieve mind pressure from school or work. While emphasize in cultivating creativity and thinking skills, we train students’ mind, vision and memory, let them collaborate and communicate with partners, build their social skills for life, and help them become meaningful members that contribute to the modern society.