Dragon Fire Club

We give students living in Beijing and Shanghai an opportunity to participate in sports under a safe environment with both recreational and competitive level.

Since 1994, our swimming team has been competing internationally against other international swimming teams. The team also competes with local teams and other international school teams in Beijing and other cities.

The swimming team also employs more than 30 experienced and qualified assistant international coaches coming from Germany, Bangladesh, Sweden, Australia, China, etc to provide training and instruction for our swimmers. Coach Nicole, served at National Gymnastics Team and national champion. We offer recreational swimming lessons as well as training for competition according to FINA standard. During the season training is offered seven days a week at three different locations to give swimmers as many opportunities as possible to improve their skills that get exercise and have fun at the same time. For those swimmers staying in Beijing during summer and winter break, Dragon Fire also runs Swim Camps. Master classes is provided for adults to learn to swim and improve their skills.

Swimming classes venues are at CISB, 21st Century Hotel, and CISB, life guard service is provided at WAB, Swim team training is at WAB.