Environment Assured

Environment Assured (EA) is the one-stop solution for all your environmental needs!

Are you:

  • Newly arrived in China and worried about pollution?
  • Pregnant, with a new baby, or with children and want to help ensure a healthy and safe family?
  • Dealing with post-construction fumes from renovation or painting?
  • Not sure how to maintain or change your air purifiers?
  • Wondering if your filtered or bottled water is really safe to drink?
We provide high-value true solutions including air and water testing, equipment selection and sales, regular servicing, scheduled filter changes, and machine performance checks. We sell machines and replacement cartridges for all the leading air and water filter brands, including free delivery and installation. We have years of experience with the major residential and commercial filtration systems and will find the right products to meet your requirements and budget. Environment Assured (EA) is the one-stop solution for all your environmental needs!
Contact us for a free visit and evaluation of your current filtration equipment, or for help with creating a safe and healthy home or office.