The story of idMASK

On January 12, 2013, my grandmother and I returned to Beijing during the heaviest recorded air pollution in the history of the city. The pollution was so thick that you could only see outlines of buildings. A few days later, I landed at San Francisco and learned that my grandma had a stroke.

I searched for a pollution mask for my family in Beijing, but couldn’t find any that worked. The existing “pollution” masks didn’t provide an airtight seal, resulting in a large percentage of polluted air leaking in from the sides of the mask. After abandoning the search, my recovering grandmother suffered a heart-attack. According to her doctor and former colleague at Tongren Hospital, both incidents were caused by “beyond index” pollution. In fact, hospital admissions soar during heavy pollution.

Broken and angered, I committed myself on designing my own mask. A mask with a tight seal, and the ability to filter out the most hazardous components of air pollution. Now it’s our mission at idMASK to protect all that we can.

We released our first product in November of 2014, and called it an “idMASK.”“id”for idealist because we will never compromise on the quality of our products.


  • Velvety-soft silicone facial seal, ensures no polluted air leakage
  • Imported electrostatic filters PM2.5 all the way to PM0.3
  • Shatter-resistant hard cover for safety