Jazzy Preschool

Created in 2012, Jazzy Preschool is a safe and secure multilingual daycare for young children from age 1. Our professional caregivers understand the importance of your child’s happiness, well-being and provide an environment that allows your child’s physical, mental, emotional, and social growth.

Our dedication is to provide a nursery/childcare solution to expat families based on the values of the French childcare system. The program that we offer for infants and toddlers encourages children to have their first social experience and get their mind stimulated through meaningful play and discovery activities. Thanks o various workshops, fun and creative activities, children develop abilities and use all their senses to discover the world around them.

Our approach

Nurturing early childhood professionals compose our staff, to help foster children’s growth and imagination. We provide English, French and Chinese environments and offer the opportunity to every child to flourish in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere, so they can develop at their own pace. Each child is treated as an individual who is encouraged, listened to and supported, becoming more independent and confident.

A hand in hand partnership with families

Working in partnership with parents is central to the children’s development, and we guide parents through a strong partnership, following each child according their needs.