La Plantation

La Plantation is the best chamber music concert hall in Beijing.

Specially adapted to European chamber music, Chinese traditional instruments, vocal, world music, jazz and even contemporary music and dance, Flamenco…


Why should you go there?

Because after a concert in La Plantation concert hall, you will rediscover the nature of music and acoustical instruments.

Specially in family as La Plantation opens door to children above 6 years old for classical music, jazz or dance!


Where ?

Located in Beijing Chaoyang nearby Shunyi and Wangjing.

Close to international schools as French LFIP, American WAB, English Harrow college, Daystar academy and the English Dulwich college.

Very close to Beijing riviera, Cathay view, Quanfa and other compounds.

Few minutes away by walking from the Red Brick museum, the Green tea house and the Orchard restaurant…


Art exhibitions.

As the space have been designed for art exhibitions,

you can enjoy every month a different art exhibition at the second floor of the concert hall.


Winning the first prize of “China best design for a public space” in 2009,

La Plantation is an unique well-designed, thematic multifunction artistic space sits at an old-abandoned industrial factory… welcome!