Renaud Air

The Renaud Air story begins with the plight of one parent trying to take care of his family. When the son of Iannique Renaud, the founder from Canada, was still an infant, he suffered from a respiratory condition doctors were at a loss to treat. After much research and worry for his child, Iannique finally provided his son with relief after investing in a set of air purifiers for his home. He then spent the next years studying the air purifier market and finally, he established the brand Renaud Air in hopes to help other victims of air pollution.

Since 2008, Renaud Air has been helping people live free from the dangers of indoor pollutants, contaminants and allergens, serving both residential and corporate clients in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. By 2018, Renaud Air has become a member of the LBS Group – a leading professional hygiene services provider with over 20 years of experience in China. With the abundant resources of LBS Group, Renaud Air aims to bring higher quality products and services.

Renaud Air offers air purifier rental services (with filter replacement and maintenance every six months), filters for Blueair and Alen, masks and air quality monitors