Salt Space

Everything starts with the founder’s passion towards SALT. In his eyes, salt is magnificent and powerful. As a start point, he chose a multi-function salt project years ago, it’s called Salt Space.

For nearly four years, Salt Space has been focusing on providing the most professional, effective, enjoyable, and safest Dry Salt Therapy (Halo therapy) inside of a special designed 3D modelling salt cave to clients. Our concept is to create indoor space with top air quality and unlimited healthy elements. Therefore, people can conduct various activities inside of such space, including detoxing and healing therapy for the whole respiratory system, watching movies, doing sports and Yoga, meditating, reading books, playing games, playing instruments or take a deep sleep. During those years, we have been helping thousands of people solved problems like respiratory diseases, allergy, depression, insomnia, etc. Thus, we are more than confident about the benefits of our space could provide to people.

Together with our elite medical professionals and architects, now we are not only able to offer such a high quality, drug-free, highly effective and none side effect therapy at our site, and also able to bring this technic of creating salt space and more salt relevant products to people and their home, schools, working places and business. At Salt Space, salt has spirit and we believe we can make magic and happiness happen by following its natural magnificence.