Sherpa’s has been delivering meals to hungry expats and locals across Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou since 1999. We provide an excellent platform to connect with customers looking for their next great dining experience. Sherpa’s is one of China’s most experienced, friendly, and reliable food delivery services! Until now we’ve got more than 800 restaurants on Sherpa’s menu, all of which are carefully selected, international, top-quality restaurants from 87 cuisines across the world.

Our detailed menu helps people to order fast and ef ciently. Sherpa’s hires native English speakers who are experienced in the food & beverage industry. We have developed our own internal processes to enable Sherpa’s regular customers understand the menus from different restaurant in a quick way.

Sherpa’s call center is the key department that connects customers to our couriers and restaurants. Our phone operators are uent in English and ready to help.

Importantly, we keep our customer’s private information 100% confidential. The order receipt only shows the general address and the customer’s name, so any questions related to the order from both the restaurant and customer need to go through our bilingual call center staff. The service staff can then reach the customer in a professional way.