糖葫芦 tang hu lu (or tang rou lou in French) are the caramelized hawthorns skewers that Beijingers love… but not only …

Born in Beijing in 2007, Tang’ Roulou is a brand of clothes and accessories for kids, a poetic answer to the passion of French designers Amélie Péraud and Pierre-Yves Babin for Chinese culture. From Beijing hutongs, passing through villages of other provinces, Amélie and Pierre-Yves get their inspiration from their many travels to design and recompose the details of yesterday’s Chinese daily life.

Over the seasons, Tang’ Roulou brings colored, poetic and bucolic creations for babies, girls and boys aged up to 10 years old. Authenticity and handcrafted details characterize Amélie and Pierre- Yves creations and will guarantee the fans that they offer their cherubs almost unique pieces made in Beijing.

French Design

Chinese Inspiration

Handmade with HeArt