Via Ferrata China

Beijing Intl’ Via Ferrata Club (BJVF) is the investor and operator of Yanshan Via Ferrata, the 1st 100% French mountain leisure in China, from conception, design to construction, including all material, man- power and personal protection equipments for the climbers. The facility is like an obstacle course, but on a cliff face that is at some points nearly 150 meters high, allowing users to get all the thrills of rock climbing without actually having special climbers’ skills. Open to public since June 2011, Yanshan VF is operated based on EU norms for recreational parks in height; trained instructors explain and check the understanding of the safety guidelines before climbers engage in the vertical experience. The quality of the facility and the inspiring experience are highly appreciated by the international community in Beijing, including but not limited to ISB, Lycee Francais, Concordia, US Embassy, French Embassy, Australia Embassy, …

There are two courses with 4 dif culty options in total; try all the courses for ¥500 or the experiential course for ¥150. Guide service can be available upon prior reservation, ¥300 for 2 hours (¥100/h for additional hours). Yanshan Via Ferrata will open on weekdays

with at least 15 confirmed climbers, and weekends with 10. If your group is small, call ahead to check if other groups will also be attending.