About us

Expat Connection is a group of enterprises that offers a wide range of services or products to expatriates and their families. These services or products centre around basic needs and leisure activities.
We aim for excellence in quality  and share a boutique approach to customer service. Our standards of reliability and respect allow you to put your trust in any service or product from the Expat Connection companies.
Initiated by some French entrepreneurs in Beijing since 2013, the Expat Connection has become a friendly and truly cosmopolitan network with a vast number of members nationalities.

Expat Connection是由众多企业组成的商业联盟,旨在为生活在中国的外国人及其家人提供专业,热诚的产品和服务。 服务致 力于满足在华外国人在生活,工作以及娱乐等各方面的需求。
高质量的专业化及个性化服务是我们的共同之处。我们中所有 的企业都象征着可靠与尊重, 任何一家企业的服务都不会辜 负您对我们的信任 。
如今,随着更多的来自世界各国的企业的加入,最初由一群法 国企业家在北京成立的 Expat Connection已经转变成一个友 好的多样化的国际企业联盟。

If you would like to get in touch with us about partnerships, events or to become a member of the Expat Connection, you can use the information below  – we’ll reply as quickly as we possibly can.