About us

Expat Connection is the appellation of meetings and talks between enterprises that offer a wide range of products and services to expatriates and their families. These products and services center on basic needs and leisure activities, to improve expats’ quality of life in Beijing. Started in Beijing in 2013, Expat Connection has become a friendly and truly cosmopolitan network with many nationalities represented among our participants.

Expat Connection 是企业为外籍人士及其家人提供广泛服务和产品的桥梁。这些服务或产品以提高外籍人士在北京的生活质量为目的,基本需求和休闲活动为核心。 Expat Connection 由一群法国企业家于2013年在北京发起的,已经成为一个有许多不同国籍参与者的友好的,真正国际化的网络平台。

If you would like to get in touch with us about partnerships, events or to become a part of the growing Expat Connection network, you can use the information below – we’ll reply as soon as we possibly can.