Inko Tribal Bellydance

Today renown as a passionate bellydance performer, teacher, choreographer, producer, and designer, Inko was received at the Special Military School of Saint-Cyr at 20, and was initially destinated to be an officer in the army. Her call for art being irresistible, she shifted her path to literature, and became teacher, while daily training martial art (baguazhang). Constantly seeking for poetry and spirituality in movement, she fell in love with tribal bellydance at first glance, that she practiced intensively with the best masters of the style in America, France, Japan and China.

Teaching tribal bellydance since 2012, and further inspired by theatre, she developed her own dance style, spiritual, expressive and primal. Standing as one of the first tribal bellydancers in China, she founded the Lunatic Moires in 2014, the only international performing tribal bellydance company of the country. Gathering dancers and artists from no less than 12 countries, the Lunatic Moires distinguish themselves by their shows based on a combination of dance, mythology, poetry and ritual.

Her overflowing imagination and perpetual quest for high quality led Inko to design her own costumes and start producing cinema-level dance videos. She now works at expressing more and more her love for China through her creations and collaborations with various Chinese artists.