Top Global IT

Professional IT solutions rm founded and based in Beijing since 2008. Our founder is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. We have evolved into an influential and well- known high-tech brand. Providing IT support for companies and families.

What can we do?

  • IT Hardware(Computer, Satellite TV Box, Router, VPN Equipment, Laptop, Server, printers, Smart Phone)
  • IT Software(System, VPN Software, Conference System)
  • Internet Connection
  • IT Services(Fix computer, server, software, Internet problems. Cloud services, Email, and Website)
  • New office set up(IT infrastructure -telecommunication systems, PCs, Cabling, Internet Access)
  •  On-Site and Remote IT Support and Maintenance

    • Regular helpdesk support software (MS Windows and Apple Operating System)
    • Hardware maintenance
      (Computers, Printers, Server, Phone, Apple Devices)
    • IT security solutions
      (Network Intrusion Detection, Firewall and Anti-virus solutions, Virus clean up)
    • Provide help to purchase IT equipment (Desktop, Laptop, Server, Of ce Equipment & Software, Cloud networks) based on clients needs
    • What are the benefits?
    • Reduce staff cost
    • Best and experienced technical staff
    • English Service
    • Personal computer expert assistant (7 days a week)
    • Preferable equipment prices and Quality guarantee