Feifei Tailor

Her history began in Shanghai, trained by the best tailors for 10 years and working professionally for more than 20, Feifei settled in Beijing in 1987 and kept on working in the field of garment. On June 1993 Feifei Tailor shop was officially founded in Beijing with a set of simple, uncompromising principles.

She places customer satisfaction before anything else. For her, the priority is not the profit margin but to gain the customer’s trust and to satisfy their needs. “I try to look at it from my customers’ perspective,” she says. “If I were a businessman from Germany and I travelled all the way to Beijing to get a suit tailored, I would want the best.”

As far as her work is concerned, she follows the patterns and processes of a traditional Chinese tailor shop : tailor clothing made by hand for customers. She would never brag that she can make all customers immediately satisfied with her customization work, however she takes every detail seriously from the inside out for each piece of clothing, focusing on quality and the final appearance. She does not outsource any of our services.