Pacific Prime

Pacific Prime is Asia’s leading insurance advisor, and globally present through our diverse international team serving all of our worldwide client’s interests. Our personalized service offices are located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai and Beijing.

In China, we work with the leading insurance companies such as Bupa, Allianz, Cigna, AXA, Aetna, MSH, Ping An and others. We provide a wide variety of choices, and we know that buying insurance in China may seem like a challenge. Our purpose is to guide you while exploring insurance coverage here, explain options such as high cost providers, direct billing, wellness, and differences between local and international plans. We will help you compare quotes, as well as match your insurance needs in terms of budget, family planning or business.

We strive to offer impartial and free advice to anyone – both for individuals and companies. We specialize in health insurance, but can assist you with

anything from business liabilities, travel, personal accident and life insurance.

At Pacific Prime, our goal is to make you a lifetime client – you are someone we want to assist, build a strong relationship with, and keep for as long as you require our services, no matter where you go. We provide exceptional personal service in managing your health plan combined with extensive knowledge of the industry through close relationships with our insurance partners. In addition, we have a dedicated in-house claims team and we speak over 19 languages.

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