TailorMade Language Training

TailorMade is an organization focusing on Chinese, French and English language training in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin, Xi’an and online. The center works with companies and embassies offering language courses to their employees through corporate packages and with individual students wishful to make the best out of their time in China.

Result-driven methodology

The center has developed a result-driven methodology that will get students to reach the level they aim in no time and allows a high flexibility for the teaching’s hours. To work around busy professionals’ schedules, students can choose the time and place of their lessons, or customize their training content (basic knowledges, business, tests preparation (HSK, TFI…).

Qualified teachers

TailorMade’s Chinese teachers are all native Chinese and have genuine Language University Bachelor or Master Degrees.

TailorMade’s French and English teachers is made of both native and local teachers holding FLE/ESL (Teaching as a second language) diploma.

During the selection process, recruiters check their ability to teach, their grammar structures’ knowledges and their personalities. After joining our organization, our teachers follow in-house training to learn how to use our own methodology.

Contact us both by email or visit our website to fill in registration form and we will arrange 1 free hour trial lesson for you to check the quality of the service!