Founded in 2010, Greenwave China is an environmentally conscious company dedicated to one-stop healthy water and air solutions in China for families, offices, restaurants and so on.

With an extensive line of water/air treatment products covering drinking water purifiers, shower and faucet filters, dispensers, face masks, air purifiers, (de-)humidifiers and services including VOC treatment, testing, rental and maintenance; Greenwave has helped more than 10,000 end users in Shanghai, Beijing and 24 other cities over the past 9 years. From families working for schools, fortune 500 companies, consulates, embassies, local governments, spas, fitness centers, hotels and restaurants; Greenwave serves all including US and Canada consulates, GSK, Roche, GM, Ford, Krafts, JLL, Imax, Bosch, Shanghai City Planning Bureau, Pure group, EF, El Willy, Azul, Masala Art, Saigon Mama, Coquille, El Barrio, Bottega, Bistro 108, etc.

For the professionalism, products diversity, as well as communication flexibility towards clients’ language, Greenwave has been selected as the standard cleaner water service provider for management team members in entities such as: British Council, Nike Schindler, and many more.

Whether you are a new or old comer seeking cleaner water/air for your family, office or business, we can meet your every water and air needs.