Woven Tales

WOVEN TALES has been founded by Annika, Ahmad and Siavosh Zabeti in 2012. Dedicated to the discovery and creation of unique handmade Persian carpets, it was voted “Best carpet brand” by ELLE Decoration magazine in 2016.

Ahmad’s relationship to carpets has deep emotional roots: He is from the third generation of a family of carpet dealers. His grand-father started exporting the first unique pieces outside Iran’s borders in 1938. When he was just a young boy, Ahmad and his father used to visit carpet weavers in Iran. His passion was born and he then never stopped working on enhancing this heritage.

Siavosh (creative director at Apple Inc. San Francisco since 2014) and Annika (textile designer) have taken over the artistic direction of the contemporary collection of WOVEN TALES, combining a pure modern style with ancestral Iranian know-how.

Interior design enthusiats, Annika and Ahmad study the taste and expectations of their customers in order to accompany them in their choice and create an atmosphere with an unique touch in their home.