Beijing Ayi Services

Beijing Huijia Ayi Housekeeping Service Co., LTD. provides various professional housekeeping and cleaning services for foreign families, local families with middle and high-level income as well as foreign embassies & enterprises in Beijing.

Our quality services and management have won us an excellent reputation amongst people from around the world. We mainly provide our services to members of the Beijing Foreign Family & Foreign Representative Offices in China as well as customers from Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and many more. 

With our focus on our customers’ exacting requirements, our company provides high quality, safe and reliable services. Furthermore all our employees have medical insurance and undergo a medical examination. We conduct regular vocational skills training; provide English training and western cooking lessons in keeping with the demands of our customers’ lives.

Beijing Huijia Ayi Housekeeping Service Co., LTD. Registered with Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce with independent corporate capacity.